Free!- Shapes and Colors Worksheets For Kindergarten

colors and shapes worksheets for kindergarten

Shapes and Colors Worksheets For Preschoolers:

Yet, this is one of the best inclusive and comprehensive worksheets made by kids activities. The shapes and colors worksheets are truly diverse. It includes a large set of skills that will enhance your child’s learning like

  • shape tracing
  • the odd one out
  • color the shape
  • find the matching shape
  • how many
  • follow the pattern
  • cut and glue
  • and a lot more…


Shape tracing activity:

In this exercise, the kid will trace the shape. This will enhance his handwriting ability as well as practicing coloring. The kid may color the shape after he finishes it.

colors and shapes - shape tracing
colors and shapes – shape tracing and coloring

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Color the shape:

In this exercise, the kid will have a map or reference at the end of the page to see which color he should use with each shape.


For more help in teaching your kid how to know the shapes: Free printable shapes flashcards for kindergarten

 Find the matching shape:

In this worksheet, the kid will use two skills to solve the exercise. firstly he will have to recognize which plain-colored shape is equal two the other one. In addition, he will color the shape after he finds it. This will greatly enhance his ability to notice the differences.


here are more resources for teaching shapes: printable Shapes Flashcards For Preschoolers pdf

Counting the shapes:

Learning to count with shapes is a fun way to understand shapes as well as learn to count. In this exercise, the kid will know how to count similar shapes and ignore the difference in colors. It may be confusing for some children at first. That’s why you should help him with the first one or two shapes.


Cut and Glue

This is a fun time. The kid now has to take his time and cut with you as his mother or teacher the shape and glue it in the right part from each animal picture. Through this activity, he will see how his action makes something complete again which is really good for making him feel effective.

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shapes and colors worksheets - cut and glue
shapes and colors worksheets – cut and glue

there are more and more activities in this free printable colors and shapes worksheets. We hope you find all that your little sweet toddler needs without having to pay a penny for it. As you see all our printables are of high quality and well-designed.

Download Now …Shapes and Colors Worksheets pdf free

All our resources in kids’ activities are free and aimed to help you teach your kids. All in all, Whether you are a teacher or parent. your place is here

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