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kids activities for kindergarten, toddlers, preschool kids.

We have Best collection of fun activities for kids this fit all times and places. For instance, kids will love to enjoy with these activities at home in summer, or nursery or school.

Our activities are printable, free and easy to download. Let your kids shine with creativity.

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter N and /n/ Sound

Sound /n/ story:"Get in kids," Danny's father said. "Our Disney weekend will be awesome". "Horrrraaaay", Julia, Danny,...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter I and /i/ Sound

Sound /i/ story:"give me some", said Danny talking to Julia while they are setting on the couch...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter P and /p/ Sound

phonics p sound story:Yaaaaaay! Danny's mother got a new baby. She named him Panny. Now we have...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter T and /t/ Sound

Sound /t/ story:Danny's Mom and dad left home early today. They went to see the doctor and left Danny...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter a and /a/ Sound

phonics a sound story"Danny! What are you doing?", asked Julia angrily. Danny has just started learning the...

Simple maze game for kids (Free PDF)

These free printable mazes for kids will help your children or students develop their fine motor skills and strengthen their problem-solving skills - and they'll have...

Phonemes and Graphemes, here is a big difference.

It might be confusing that sometimes we say that we are teaching the phonemes through this table:Which is actually the table for graphemes.?!?!?! So I guess there is a...

Trigraphs and Quadgraphs: how to teach them?

In this article, we will discuss trigraphs and quadgraphs. In brief, they are letters' combinations that make one sound. They can be a group of vowels,...

Digraphs meaning, How to teach them?

Digraphs, Trigraphs, Graphemes, Blends, and consonant clusters are all unfamiliar terms for parents who want to teach their kids how to start reading and writing. So, do you...

Free Printable Occupation Flashcards For Kindergarten

This is an easy list of Occupation flashcards for kindergarten made by AI. "Occupations" is a topic suitable for primary school students. However, we have made...

Preschool Weather Flashcards Free Printable PDF

This is a collection of weather flashcards free printable pdf. The flashcards are easy to be taught to young learners. The pictures explain the weather changes...

Free My Family Flashcards… Preschool Family Members Flashcards

Family members flashcards:Here's a set of preschool family members' flashcards. The set consists of 12 flashcards (not including the cover). The family...
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