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kids activities for kindergarten, toddlers, preschool kids.

We have Best collection of fun activities for kids this fit all times and places. For instance, kids will love to enjoy with these activities at home in summer, or nursery or school.

Our activities are printable, free and easy to download. Let your kids shine with creativity.

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter B and /b/ Sound

Sound /b/ story:Danny's mom was doing the laundry. Julia sat with her mom to watch....

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter H and /h/ Sound

phonics h sound story:Once upon a time, Julia's mum and dad decided to let Julia and her brother walk around the home for a little time as a...

Free phonics worksheets matching letters to beginning sounds

beginning sound worksheets for kindergarten:beginning sound worksheets are very useful in the practical stage. After the kid has learned how to pronounce...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter R and /r/ Sound

phonics r sound story:Danny was playing in the jungle. the...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter U and /u/ Sound

phonics /u/ Sound story:"Don't touch it, it is still hot", said Julia's mum while cooking food...

Free Phonics Worksheets: Matching letters to beginning sounds Worksheets for Preschool

Free phonics worksheets for preschool:free phonics worksheets for preschool are free pdf printable files. After the kid has learned how to...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter E and /e/ Sound

Phonics /e/ sound story:Julia was watching her favorite cartoon "totally spies" as usual after breakfast. When Danny...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter /cK/, /c/ ,and /k/ Sound

phonics c sound story:Danny's brother became older now. He's three years old. He really likes Oo..ies. Wait! what????? you...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter O and /o/ Sound

Phonics o sound: Sound /o/ story:Danny was in the kitchen with his mom. She was making a...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter G and /g/ Sound

Sound /g/ story:Danny and Julia were at the kitchen to have their breakfast. Julia wanted some...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter D and /d/ Sound

phonics d sound story:It's the next weekend now after the family had to cancel the Disney...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter M and /m/ Sound

Sound /m/ story:Danny and Julia wanted to play a game. This time Danny wanted to trick Julia....
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