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What is jolly phonics and how to teach a child to read and write?

Jolly phonics is a new method to teach children how to read by teaching them the sounds of the letters. Actually, The kids don’t take the traditional 24 letters of the alphabet. Rather, they take 42 graphemes.

In this section of the site, you’ll find out everything you need to know about teaching phonics, what the phonics sounds mean, and how to boost your child’s phonics confidence.

In kids activities, we make an interactive syllabus of phonics that conveys each letter sound. It’s explained through a story, a game, a video, tracing sheets, and all the facilities that can be provided to teach the children reading and writing. Indeed, We made sure that all what a teacher or parent need can be found in one place.

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter T and /t/ Sound

Sound /t/ story:Danny's Mom and dad left home early today. They went to see the doctor and left Danny...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter a and /a/ Sound

phonics a sound story"Danny! What are you doing?", asked Julia angrily. Danny has just started learning the...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter S and /s/ Sound

phonics s sound story:Once upon a time, Danny was playing with his toys. He was so...

Phonics sound cards phase2:How to use them effectively?

Maybe there are 26 letters in English alphabet but teaching sounds won't depend on that in teaching digraphs or trigraphs. In...

Phonemes and Graphemes, here is a big difference.

It might be confusing that sometimes we say that we are teaching the phonemes through this table:Which is actually the table for graphemes.?!?!?! So I guess there is a...

Trigraphs and Quadgraphs: how to teach them?

In this article, we will discuss trigraphs and quadgraphs. In brief, they are letters' combinations that make one sound. They can be a group of vowels,...

Digraphs meaning, How to teach them?

Digraphs, Trigraphs, Graphemes, Blends, and consonant clusters are all unfamiliar terms for parents who want to teach their kids how to start reading and writing. So, do you...

How to teach jolly Phonics step-by-step

What is jolly phonics?Jolly phonics is a new method to teach children how to read by teaching them the sounds of the...
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