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what is jolly phonics

What is jolly phonics and how to teach a child to read and write?

Jolly phonics is a new method to teach children how to read by teaching them the sounds of the letters. Actually, The kids don’t take the traditional 24 letters of the alphabet. Rather, they take 42 graphemes.

In this section of the site, you’ll find out everything you need to know about teaching phonics, what the phonics sounds mean, and how to boost your child’s phonics confidence.

In kids activities, we make an interactive syllabus of phonics that conveys each letter sound. It’s explained through a story, a game, a video, tracing sheets, and all the facilities that can be provided to teach the children reading and writing. Indeed, We made sure that all what a teacher or parent need can be found in one place.

Free phonics worksheets matching letters to beginning sounds

beginning sound worksheets for kindergarten:beginning sound worksheets are very useful in the practical stage. After the kid has learned how to pronounce...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter R and /r/ Sound

phonics r sound story:Danny was playing in the jungle. the...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter U and /u/ Sound

phonics /u/ Sound story:"Don't touch it, it is still hot", said Julia's mum while cooking food...

Free Phonics Worksheets: Matching letters to beginning sounds Worksheets for Preschool

Free phonics worksheets for preschool:free phonics worksheets for preschool are free pdf printable files. After the kid has learned how to...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter E and /e/ Sound

Phonics /e/ sound story:Julia was watching her favorite cartoon "totally spies" as usual after breakfast. When Danny...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter /cK/, /c/ ,and /k/ Sound

phonics c sound story:Danny's brother became older now. He's three years old. He really likes Oo..ies. Wait! what????? you...

Free Phonics Worksheets: Circle the Beginning Sound Worksheets for kindergarten

phonics for kindergarten worksheets:After the kid has learned how to pronounce and read the letter sounds they have taken. We now have...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter O and /o/ Sound

Phonics o sound: Sound /o/ story:Danny was in the kitchen with his mom. She was making a...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter G and /g/ Sound

Sound /g/ story:Danny and Julia were at the kitchen to have their breakfast. Julia wanted some...

Free Phonics Worksheets: Beginning Sound Worksheets 3

Beginning sound worksheets free:The beginning sound of the word usually is the most stressed one. After the kid has learned how to...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter D and /d/ Sound

phonics d sound story:It's the next weekend now after the family had to cancel the Disney...

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter M and /m/ Sound

Sound /m/ story:Danny and Julia wanted to play a game. This time Danny wanted to trick Julia....
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